The Raw cashew Nuts or anacarde is the fruit of the cashew (Anacadium West), tree native to northeastern Brazil and its edible kernel is the main product used in this plant.

It is an achene which develops first at the end of a juicy stems and edible too, which is a false fruit called the Cashew apple.

The shell of the nut is composed of two shells, one on the outside green and fine, the other internal brown and hard, separated by a cavity structure which contains a caustic phenolic resin consisting of 90% acid and 10% cashew Cardol called Cashew balm.

At the center of the nut is a single almond-shaped half-moon about three centimeters in length surrounded by a white film.

It will become, after having been roasted and salted, the "Raw cashew Nuts " marketed and eaten as an aperitif for instance.

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